Bus Routes in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

Here is a list of Bus Numbers and their starting and destination points within the city of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Metro Express Bus Routes in Hyderabad

Veera Bus Numbers and bus routes in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

Buses to BHEL

Update on 29th October 2009
Info provided by Vikram

There are Air-conditioned buses for the 10H/17H route...

the stops are same, but fare gets costlier..
starting from ECIL X Roads to Kondapur (the last stop) the fare is at Rs.51 at present.

frequency is o.k (one timing is before/at 12:30 noon, i travel at that time)


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Neo said...

Good job !!!
Let me add some more !
113K Uppal to Kukatpally
113E Uppal to ESI(Via VST, BaghLimgampally, Narayanaguda)
113Y Uppal to Yousufguda (Via VST, Indira Park)
141 Uppal to Nampally
141R Ramanthapur to Nampally
115V VenkatReddy Nagar to Koti
141V VenkatReddy Nagar to Nampally

Neo said...

127 is from Koti to Kondapur
127J Koti to Jubilee Hills
127K Koti to Kondapur
127F Koti to FilmNagar
127N Koti to NandiNagar

107V is Via VidyaNagar and
107 without any alphabets is via Koti

156H is via TilakNagar, HimayathNagar and all other 16 is via Koti.

225 Koti to Patancheru(Via Kukatpally)
216 Koti to PatanCheru(Via Mehdipatnam)

Blogger said...

Thank you very much Neo for the additional inputs.


Rudz...always cool said...

Hi..plz tell me how can i reach Secundarabad Rly Station from Hyderabad Rly Station?

Blogger said...

Hi Rudz,

You could travel from Hyderabad to Secunderabad by the MMTS service.

Train No - HF1
Departure - Hyderabad @ 10:25 Arrival - Secunderabad @ 11:10

Apart from this several buses going to Secunderabad might touch bacse at Nampally.


Rudz...always cool said...

Thanks man! Thanks a lot..
I would be very thankful to you again, if u can provide me some information about local transport like Taxi, Cabs, Autos..
Are they available ?
Do i need to book them in advance?

Blogger said...

Hey Rudz,

I have provided info about all major taxi cabs in Hyderabad and Secunderabad on the blog. Just look at the labels or give a search...

you will find their contact numbers and can book in advance as per your need.

Anonymous said...

I want to go from Begumpet to RTC X road. is there any bus available? Also let me know bus number to Neredmet from Secunderabad station. thanks.

Blogger said...

16 N will take you from Secunderabad to Neredmet.

37 RR from Secundrabad to R.K. Puam rythu bazaar goes via Jubilee bus station, AOC Gate, Neredmet and Devinagar. Just conform if this bus still follows the same route.

16 A from Secunderabad to ECIL should also be going through Neredmet if I am right.

Anonymous said...

hey how can i reach yousufguda from tarnaka or koti pls tell soon

Blogger said...

Hi Anonymous,

Bus 90D/47Y goes to yousufguda from tarnaka I presume. Please confirm before boarding :)

Other buses from Tarnaka

18/10L to ameerpet and kukatpally
250/49M to panjagutta

Secretary, IEEE-SB, GRIET said...

can u provide bus routes with the different stages through which it passes.. only then it will be helpful

Blogger said...

Hello Secretary, IEEE-SB, GRIET,

I try to post whatever information I can gather. If I am able to find the info you ask for - will post it.


Pleader said...

can u tell me which bus to board to go from JBS to begumpet and back

Blogger said...

Hi Pleader,

Here are some buses that ply between Secunderabad and Begumpet

10 - Sec'bad - Paradise - Anand Theatre - Police Lines - Begumpet

10L - Sec'bad - Patny - Begumpet

10N - Sec'bad - Paradise - Begumpet

10R - Sec'bad - Paradise -Anand Theatre - Begumpet

Apart from these other 10 series buses like 10Y, 10Z, 10P/F also go from Secunderabd to Begumpet

10Y/F is for Begumpet to Secundereabad. So are 10F and 10J/K

Rajesh said...

Can any one tell me how can i reach from Ameerpet to Gachibowli by bus

Blogger said...

Hi Rajesh,

I will try to find out anf post the relevant information. Please check back in a couple of days.


Blogger said...

Hi Rajesh,
I was unable to find any direct buses from Ameerpet to Gachibowli. You could board a bus from Ameerpet to Hitech-city and from there you will get many buses to Gachibowli.

From Gavhibowli there is 49E which follows the route - Gachibowli, HCU, Dargam Mehdipatnam, Masab Tank, Bajnara Hills, Panjagutta, Greenlands, begumpet.

You can take this till Greenlands and then go to Ameerpet whcich is nearby.

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me how can I reach Begumpet(White house) from Indira Market?Is there any direct bus?
If not the direct bus then can I use the above mentioned bus i.e. 49E to reach Begumpet(white house)from Gachibowli? Is there any bus stop opposite white house?And if not then where should i get down exactly to reach white house earliest?

enigma said...

hi i wud like to know which bus to catch to go from dilsukhnagar to himayath nagar

waseema said...

can u help me which bus will go to himayath nagar from koti..

Rama said...

hi....can any one tell me the bus route from 6.no to ramanthapur and from lb nagar to ramanthapur....

F /-\ I-I /-\ D said...

can anyone tell me how to reach ameerpet from nampally railway station. I've got a job posting at Dr. Reddy's pharmaceuticals and I am supposed to report at their office in Ameerpet.

Blogger said...

Hi Fahad,

All the buses in 9 series go from Nampally to Ameerpet.

Also bus numbers 225 and 158 travel from Nampally to Ameerpet.

But do ascertain with the driver/conductor before boarding the bus.


Harsha said...

Can anyone guide to reach Panjagutta Bus stop from Kachiguda Railway Station.

Blogger said...

Hi Harsha

YOu can take Bus number 83B, 83G or 83K to travel from Kachiguda to Panjagutta.

The bus route for all three numbers is as follows -

Happy Travelling

puneet said...

i want to go from iiit(near to indra nagar) to tirumalgiri daily up and down.. can u guy please tell me the best route by bus for me .I currently following tirumalgiry-->patny->mehdipatnam->iiit.but from patny i only got bus no 49M which took very long root . from where i can find bus 5k.

Blogger said...

Hi Puneet,

This is the route for 5K


Or you could try 5P/K which follows similar route to 5P

waseema said...

u can take 158 from nampally..and on the bus stop itself u can ask any one for ameerpet bus they will guide u well..

niroop said...

hai,im krish,i want to go to banjarahills road no.11 from ameerpet?

Blogger said...

Hi Krish,

Will try to find out the bus number for the route you have asked, check back in a few days.

If any other reader knows the bus route, do leave a comment.


Veronica said...

Hi,Can any one tell me which bus to catch from madhapur to ameerpet? If there is any direct bus then please let me know.

Blogger said...

Hi Veronica,

There is a Veera bus from Kondapur to ECIL which follows the route
Kondapur - Kothaguda - Ameerpet - East Anand Bagh - ECIL

The bus number is 10H/16H

I will post info on other buses if I find them.


Veronica said...

Hi Blogger,
Thank you for the info...but I want to board the bus at madhapur and off at ameerpet for computer classes and the vice versa with return...Actually I've no idea of the area and buses...so please do let me know if the so said veera bus is daily city bus, as I need to up and down daily...

Blogger said...

Hi Veronica,

Try this one - its an ordinary bus so must be a daily bus. I havent travelled on this route but feel it might be the bus you need to take

10H - Secunderabad - Paradise - Begumpet - Greenlands - Ameerpet - Yousufguda - Hitech City - Kondapur

Am not aware of the timings though

On your return trip u caould try 47K
Kondapur - Shilparama - Cyber TOwers, Sher Lingampally - Peddama Guddi - Yousuf Guda - Panjagutta - Ameerpet - Greenlands - Begumpet



hey can any one please tell me the route and bus no s
from AMMERPET to MEERPET cross roads

Divya said...


please any one tell the bus number from Film Nagar Apollo to Secunderabad and Secunderabad to ECIL cross Road.

Blogger said...

Hi Lokesh

I wasnt able to find out the bus routes you had asked for. Lets see if any readers get back on this.

Blogger said...

Hi Divya

For Secunderabad to ECIL you can take Bus number 51. The route is Secunderabd - Mettuguda - Habsiguda - Nacharam - Mallapur - ECIL X Road.

YOu can also travel by 16A, 16B and 16C from Secunderabad to ECIL

Lakshya said...

How can I travel from Madhpur to Himayath nagar in local bus.

Blogger said...

Hi Lakshya

If I find out the route you have asked for, will post the info ina couple of days.


bharani said...

hi can u plz tell me bus route from sec'bad to jubilee hills

bharani said...

can u plz tell me bus number n route to reach jubilee hills from sec'bad station

Edwin said...

From madhapur you can take 10H to reach secunderabad station. From the secunderabad railway station you can Board into any 2 no. bus they'll take you to Himayatnagar.

Blogger said...

Hi Lakshya,

Edwin has posted info about the buses you needed.
Thanks Edwin.


sekhar said...

hii can anyone tell me any info abt bus routes from malakpet to balapur x roads
thanks in advance
and timings

Nani said...

i stay in ECIL xroads, i have to go IIIT kondapur,
which bus i have to get in,

Nani said...

i stay in ECIL x roads, i have to IIIT kondapur, which bus i have to get in?
is there any direct busses?

suvarna said...

hi can anyone tell me tha busnumber for gaganmahal(domalgud)from ameerpet

Blogger said...

Hi Nani

you can travel from ECIl to Sec'bad by 16A, 16A/5N or 37.

And from Sec'bad you can board 47H to Kondapur.
The route for 47H is Sec'bad - Paradise - Begumpet - Greenlands - Panjagutta- SriNagar Colony - Jubilee Hills - Hitech City - Kondapur


Blogger said...

Hi Nani

There is a Veera Bus from Kondapur to ECIl - 10H/16H which follows the route Kondapur - Kothaguda - Ameerpet - East Anand Bagh - ECIl X Road


Blogger said...

Hi Sekhar and Suvarna

Will try to find the info you need and will post it if i get it.


TarunSh@rma said...

can you please tell me how to get from panjagutta to prasads... thanks

venky said...

hi tarun
the route to prasads from panjagutta is through khairtabad flyover... we have buses till tht flyover but not till prasads.

venky said...

can anyone please tell me how to go to I-NOX(GVK-ONE) from secbad ??(can u please tell me the stop name too along with the bus number)

john said...

can any one tell how to go from secunderabad to bhavan's college

DON said...

can anyone tell me the bus from secbad to INOX(GVK ONE MALL)

Blogger said...

Hi John,

From Secunderabad board a bus to Neredmet X Roads.
From here you could walk - we used to that while in college...there are also some buses that go upto Bhavans - am unable to recollect the number.

Other buses from Secunderabd to Neredmet X Roads are:




Hope this helps


Blogger said...

Hello Venky and DON,

From Secunderabad Station you could board
Get down at the Road No 1 bus stop. INOX is walkable from here.

You could also check


njoycbz said...

hi can any one tell me how to go from himayathnagar to ecil x roads is there any direct bus,wat is the timinigs.i have to go to bhavans vievekananda pg college plz help me out

Blogger said...

Hi njoycbz

Will try to find out about the bus routes. Just the other day on another bus rooute post I mentioned about the buses from Sec'bad to bhavans college sainikpuri.


Blogger said...

Dear Readers,

a lot of people are requesting for bus route information. i am trying to find and publish whaterver i can.

would appreciate a lot if you can spread word about this page, so that readers who know about bus routes can leave their comments or useful info.


dimzz said...

Hi .. Can u please tell me the bus numbers from yousuf guda check post to kairathabad signal (near to enadu office). Please tell me how frequent is the bus services on this route.


Blogger said...

Hi Dimzz

Will try to find it. Readers, if anyone knows the bus route that Dimzz has asked for please reply.


nadiminti said...

hey guys,
anybody knows how to go to ramanathpur from Yusfguda? how much distanc it willbe?

mukund said...

Hey all , could anyone tell me if there is a direct bus between gachibowli and madhapur ( via kothaguda ) .

Blogger said...

Hi Nandimnti,

Not sure which Ramanathpur you are talking about.

CHeck these routes

113Y - Uppal, Ramanthapur, Baghpally, Liberty, Lakdikapool, ESI, SAnath Nagar, Yousufguda

113 E - Uppal, Ramanthapur, S.Mutt, Narayan Guda, Liberty, Lakdikapool, panjagutta, Ameerpet, ESI


Blogger said...

Hi Mukund,

I couldnt find any direct buses between gachibowli and madhapur ( via kothaguda )

lets see if any readers reply.


vinod said...

can any body tell me the bus timings from balanagar to yadagirigutta in the early mornings

Blogger said...

HI Vinod,

I dont know of buses feom balanagar to yadagirigutta...but check this link


it shows a list of buses with timinfs from JOS to yadargiriguuta.
click on the images to enlarge and view the timings/


kkalash said...

how can i travel from yashoda(secbad) near clock tower to narayanguda

Blogger said...

Hi Kalash,

There are many buses from Secunderabad to Narayanguda
You can try these

11 - Secunderabad - Musheerabad - RTc x ROAD - cHIKKADAPALLY - Narayanguda

1H - Secunderabad - Musheerabad - Narayanguda

1/94R - Secunderabad - Musheerabad - Narayanguda


Karthik said...

Hi can anyone tell me what bus I should take to reach Golconda fort from TDP office, Banjara hills? Thanks in advance.

prak said...

can u tell me the bus no from mgbs to tarnaka?

Blogger said...

Hi Prak,

Here is the info
3C will take you to tarnaka from MGBS

Starts from Charminar then reaches Afzalganj and then MGBS
MGBS (Imblibun) - Chaderghat - Kacheguda - Shankar Mutt - Vidyanagar - OU - Tarnaka


suvarna said...

hi can u tell me the bus number for narayanaguda from ameerpet i have an exam its urgent fr me

Blogger said...

Hi Suvarna

Try 113 C
ESI - Ameerpet - Narayan Guda - Chikkadpally

For return you can try
113E - Narayanguda - Liberty - lakdikapool - Panjagutta - Ameerpet


S. Krishnamoorthy said...

Can anyone provide the bus number to travel from hyderguda/attapur to kothaguda/madhapur

Nabeel said...

Hey guys , bus routes from Patny or Paradise which go to himayatnagar.? I aint findin any :(

Sophomore said...

How to reach Maula Ali from Gachibowli on Bus.. Help Me Out Plzz ..?

Blogger said...

Hi Nabeel,

Try this

40E or 40N - Secunderabad - Bata - KavadiGuda - Ashok Nagar - Himayathnagar


Blogger said...

Hi Nabeel,

Try this

40E or 40N - Secunderabad - Bata - KavadiGuda - Ashok Nagar - Himayathnagar

The bus going to Bata from Secunderabad will pass through Patny


Blogger said...

Hi Krishnamoorthy and Sophomore

I could not find any info on thhe routes you both had asked for. Lets see if any reader responds


Atidevin said...


Tell me any bus route or bus number to travel from Mehdipatnam to Tarnaka.

Thank you

Atidevin said...


can u plz tell me if there is any bus route or bus number to reach Tarnaka from Mehdipatnam

Thank you

savitri said...

hi...thaansks lot for such a helping info..can u suggest bus root and no. ...secunderabad to gaccibowly [ via any bus roote and also connecting ways ]

Atidevin said...

There are no direct buses from secbad to gachibowli at all..there are buses only from koti,mehdipatnam and dilsukhngr.
U can take 10H from secbad and get down at Kothaguda(near to TCS,Hitec) and pick a sharing auto from Kothaguda to Gachibowli

Atidevin said...

But the best option is to take MMTS train from secbad till Lingamplly.And take a sharing auto from Lingamplly station to Gachibowli.Thats the best option.

Atidevin said...


I dnt think there are direct buses to Maula Ali from Gachibowli.Well one option is take 216 or 217,get down at Mehdipatnam and 6H.But 6H are few in number.Else take 113M at Mehdipatnam and get down at Fever hospital and catch 3 or 3K,which takes you to Maula Ali

Blogger said...

Many thanks Atidevin for your input.


muzeena said...

i want to travel from Kachiguda to Jubilee hills how can i by train and by bus can u plz tell me

RAHUL TEJA said...

Could u plz tell which bus should i board at S.R.Nagar to reach Musheerabad


sreekanth said...

could u plese tell me how can i reach from miyapur to himayatnagar

Blogger said...

Hi Sreekanth

I could not find any direct buses from Miyapur to Himayatnagar.

226E and 226M go from Miyapur to Secunderabad. From Secunderabad you should buses to Himayatnagar.

Should anyone know a better route please write about it.


Blogger said...

Hi Rahul,

Check 45K

Koti, YMCA. Chikkadpally, RTC X Road , Musheerbad, Kavadiguda , Bible House, Bata, Patny, Paradise, Begumpet, Amirpet, S.R. Nagar, ESI, Erragadda, Sanath Nagar


Vinoth devakumar said...

I need to travel from madhapur to IIIT. Are there any direct buses ?

munagapati said...

Hi.. could u please tell me what is the bus to catch to go to MGBS from mitrivanam, if not can you tell me the bus for koti from mitrvanam..

Blogger said...

HI Munagapati,

Try bus number 84 to travel from Koti to Ameerpet(Maitrivanam)

The route is
Saroor Nagar, Chaitnaya Puri X Road, Dilsukhnagar, Koti, Nampally, Lakdi ka pool, Ameerpet, Erragada, Sanath Nagar

or TRY 187J.
The route is

KPHB IV Phase , Moospaet , Erragada, Ameerpet, NIMS, Abids, Koti, MGBS

Blogger said...

HI Vinoth

Couldnt find info for the route you have asked for.
If any readers reside in that area, please help Vinoth by providing the correct info.

maybe the map at this URL might provide some ideas.


Atidevin said...

Hi Vinoth,

There arent any direct buses from Madhapur to IIIT.
Take any bus from Madhapur till Kothaguda x roads.
From there towards gachibolwi you get autos directly to IIIT from Kothaguda junction...

Blogger said...

Thanks again, Atidevin.
Appreciate your help.


priya said...

Please help. What are the bus numbers to take to go to Ameerpet from CBS?

priya said...

Which are the bus numbers to go to Ameerpet from CBS? Please help.

Sheila said...

Hi can u please tell me which bus should i catch in order to go to madhavapur,kavuri hills from Lakidikapool.

Blogger said...

Hi Sheila

Check 118M/T

The route is Abids, Nampally, Lakdikapool, Masab Tank, RD NO. 12, Peddamma Gudi, Madhapur, Cyber Towers, Shilparamam, Kondapur

Also check 127S
The route is Koti, Abids, Nampally, Lakdikapool, Masab Tank, RD NO. 12, Peddamma Gudi, Madhapur, Cyber Towers, Shilparamam


Blogger said...

Hi Priya

TO go to Ameerpet from CBS try bus number 7H

Route is
Highcourt,Afzalgunj,CBS, Koti, Abids, Nampally, Lakdikapool, Khairtabad, Panjagutta, Ameerpet, Erragadda, Moosapet, KPHB


priya said...

Thank you.

One of my friends is coming from Bangalore in a KSRTC bus. Are there any direct buses from MGBS to Ameerpet? Please advise.

Blogger said...

Hi Priya

Try 187 J
Route: KPHB, Moosapet, Erragadda, Ameeerpet, NIMS, Abids, Koti, MGBS


Sheila said...

Thank you so much for the information.
cheers :)

priya said...

Thank you very much!! Appreciate your inputs!
This site has tons of useful info!!

Rachit said...

are there any bus routes from kachiguda station to himayath nagar or narayahguda?

Blogger said...

Thanks Atidevin,

Appreciate your help.


Amit Dey said...

Any bus service from begumpet railway station to kondapur/miyapur/kukatpally around noon on sunday.

There is no MMTS Train at this time

Blogger said...

Hi Amit,

10H goes from Begumpet to Kondapur. You need to check the timings though. The route is Secunderabad, Paradise, Begumpet, Greenlands, Amirpet, Yousufguda, Hitech City, Kondapur.


RSB said...

Hi which bus i catch up to go to Ashoka chambers from Afgul gung

subha said...

Can anyone tell me route from Miyapur to bahadurpalli?any direct bus?

Blogger said...

HI RSB and Subha

Sorry, | couldnt find any info for the routes you both have asked. Will have to wait for some kind reader to provide the details.


Santosh said...

Can someone tell Bus route/number from SR Nagar to Hitech city and its timings?

Atidevin said...

hey sudha..

There are no direct buses from Miyapur to Bahadurpally.
But you get few Setwin buses..something like one bus per hour..This bus starts from Miyapur(near those sharing auto stand) and goes till Jeedimetla via Gandi Maisamma and Bahadurapally.
I dont remember the bus number correctly.Ill let you knw in my next post.

Blogger said...

Hi Santosh

47H is to Hitech City from SR Nagar via Jubilee Hills

247 Y is from HITECH CITY to Ameerpet.

10 H is to Hitech City/Kondpaur from Ameerpet vis Yousufguda

I am not sure of the timings. Please check at the relevant bus stop,


Blogger said...

Hello Atidevin,

Thanks yet again for your input.


vikram said...

dear blogger,
i would like to add that there are Air-conditioned buses for the 10H/17H route...

the stops are same, but fare gets costlier..
starting from ECIL X Roads to Kondapur (the last stop) the fare is at Rs.51 at present.

frequency is o.k (one timing is before/at 12:30 noon, i travel at that time)

regards for the info whihch you have provided.

Blogger said...

Hi Vikram,

Thanks for the additional info.


An said...

Hii... Can u tell me, How to reach Golconda Fort from Madhapur / Kondapur/Kothaguda ... any bus routes.
share autos ... anything. Please reply ASAP

Blogger said...

Hi An,

You can find some info on buses to Golconda Fort at the following link


Pragnya said...

hey can you tell me the bus route to jubilee hills road no. 31 from vidya nagar

masthan adusuri said...

hey can any one tell, koti to ashok nagar bus no.s r dilsukh nagar to ashok nagar........

Atidevin said...

If u are asking of the Ashoknagar near Gandhinagar...Then any 40 bus goes to koti from via Ashoknagar.
40 - Secbad to Koti via Ashoknagar,Narayanguda

And for dilsuknagar, i believe the best option wud be to walk till rtc X roads and catch a dilsukhnagar bus..coz no buses to dilsukhnagar from Ashoknagar

tanusri said...

Hi , I want to know by which number of bus I can go from Mettuguda to Nacharam ?

Blogger said...

Hi Tanusri

Bus no 51
Route - Secunderabad - Mettuguda - Habsiguda - Nacharam - Mallapur - ECIL X Road

Bus 250H
Route - Secunderabad - Mettuguda - Tarnaka - Habsiguda - Nacharam

Try 18T - the route is Secunderabad - Tarnaka - Habsiguda - Nacharam X Road

Kavitha Bhargav said...

Canyou give me the details of all the buses that are starting from KPHB 4th phase with destination and route?

I am new to Hyderabad. Thanks.

Blogger said...

Hi Kavitha

Here are some buses from KPHB that I know of

10K/L - KPHB IV LIG, KPHB, Moosapet, Erragadda, SR Nagar, Ameerpet, Greenlands, Begumpet, Paradise, Sangeet, Secunderabad

10 A - KPHB, Erragadda, ESI, SR Nagar, Ameerpet, Greenlands, Begumpet, Patny, Secunderabad

10 K - KPHB colony, Moosapet, Erragadda, ESI, Ameerpet, Greenlands, Begumpet, Paradise, Secunderabad

19M - KPHB, KP, Erragadda, ESI, S.R. Nagar, SIET, Jubilee Hills, Checkpost, RoadNo. 7, Masab Tank

186L - KPHB, Moosapet, Erragadda, ESI, Ameerpet, Panjagutta, Khairatabad, Abids, Koti

187J - KPHB IV PHASE , Moosapet, Erragadda, Ameerpet, NIMS, Abids, Koti, MGBS

Welcome to Hyderabad

Sheenu said...


can you please tell me,how do we go to Indira Park from Kompally? (probably I shud go to secunderabad station to take another bus?)

I also want to know which buses go to hyderguda

Thankyou so much....this site always helped me in my troubles.... :)

Blogger said...

Hi Sheenu,

You have not mentioned from which place you need bus numbers to Hyderguda. I will list down all that i can remember.

Kachiguda to Hyderguda
83B, 83G and 83K

Nampally to Hyderaguda
13GD, 136H, 136N, 136V

Tarnaka / OU to Hyderguda

Koti to Hyderguda
225, 225A, 225D

Miyapur to Hyderguda

Panjagutta to Hyderguda
225, 225A

regarding buses to Indira Park from Kompally, not sure if there is a direct one.
You can take 229V from Kompally to Sec'bad and then take 20M, 20P or 20V from Secunderabad to Indira Park.


there is a bus from Kompally to Ranigunj - no 233
I guess there must be buses from Ranigunj to Ashok Nagar or Indira Park.
Do check though.


vinod said...

can u tell me d bus timings of d 90A bus???

tiruvengala said...

can any1 tell me which bus would go via Raj bhavan road from ameerpet?

ganesh said...

which no bus is going hyderguda from secenderbad ratifil bus stand

ganesh said...

is there any buses from secenderabad to hyderguda pls tell me

guru venu

Kavitha Bhargav said...


Thanks for the information.

satishbende said...

i want bus numbers which are direct and connected from ramanthpur to bahadurpally

venki said...

how i can travel from secundrabad station to east maredpally & begumpet

Blogger said...

Hi Tiruvengala

Try this one
the route is
Secunderabad, Patny, Paradise, Begumpet, Shyamlal Building, Greenlands, RajBHavan, Khairtabad

Blogger said...

hi Ganesh

check 226E

Miyapur, Hyderguda, KPHB, Erragada, Ameerpet, Greenlands, Begumpet, paradise and Secunderabad

Blogger said...

Hi Venki

FOr Secunderabd to Begumpet the following are available

10- Secunderabad - Patny - Paradise - Annad - Police lines - Begumpet

or try

erudite said...

Hey can someone tell me the bus numbers to go to Madhapur from Mehdipatnam

Sackett Girl said...

Hi can some one direct me from Kachiguda to LB Nagar please....

Sackett said...

Hi can anyone direct me from Kachiguda to LB Nagar please....

Sheenu said...

Hi friend,

I stumbled upon something really interesting,kindly check it ...


Atidevin said...


To reach Mehdipatnam frm Madhapur,there two alternatives.
Ull get 127/127K/127S at Madhapur,these buses go till Koti.So you need to get down prior at Masab Tank and take a bus in the reverse direction.U may get 5/8/113,etc towards Mehdipatnam.

Another option is go towards Gachibowli frm Madhapur.And take either 216/217 bus or an sharing auto to Mehdipatnam :)

Atidevin said...


To travel East Marredpally (near Shenoy hospital) frm Secbad Station..You can take 38A/38X/38EX/37

And for Begumpet,catch any 10 number bus...!!

Blogger said...

@ Atidevin
Thanks again for responding to readers queries

Blogger said...

@ Sheenu

Thanks a lot for the useful link

priety said...

hey how can i reach jublee hills check post frm mehdipatnam?

tarun said...

urgent,bus number from tarnaka to narayanaguda (shanti theatre)

savitri said...

hi could u plz tell me bus route and bus number from patny to apollo hospital jubilee hills

shama said...


can anyone tell how to reach raj bhavan road from koti...

sarala said...

Can anyone please tell me the bus routes from jubilee hills checkpost to ameerpet?

pooja said...


could anyone help me to find the busroute from SR nagar to neredmet..(if possible with timings)

Atidevin said...

hi sarala,

Frm jubilee hills check post,you can take 10H bus to ameerpet (maythri vanam,precisely).
U get plenty of buses...

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please tell me the bus routes from jubilee hills checkpost to ameerpet?

10H, 10H/17H, 47Y, 47Y/90D, 35, 47K,12(Get down near Big bazar)


kpandamaneni said...

How can i reach Gunfoundry from sec'bad or kukatpally.

Mukthi said...

Hi, Could any one please tell me how to reach "Banjara hills road no 11" from "JNTU" by public transit ?

Indranath said...

Hi, Could you plz let me know the easiest route / bus nos from Indiranagar, Gachibowli to Himayath Nagar. I need to travel daily for 1 month. Your suggestions/help will be greatly appreciated... Thanks in adv...

Atidevin said...

Hey Indranath,

From Indranagar if u get 217 Koti bus,then get down at Telephone bhavan and take either 113M,6,6H.

Else take 216 frm Indranagar - take 113M (plenty of buses)at Mehdipatnam.

i said...

pls tel me how to reach St. Pious Degree & PG College for Women in snehapuri colony,Nacharam, Hyderabad from jeedimetla

shobha said...

can anybody tell me the shortest route from santoshnagar(saidabad) to begumpet,, i have to attend camputer classes in begumpet by 7.3o am

Anonymous said...

Hi Shobha,
Shortest route is 102W to Sec'bad.
From Sec'bad catch any 10 series like [10, 10H, 10Y/F, 10Y, 10F, 10K, 10L/18, 10L, 10H/17H, 10Y/GH, 10P] or 47 SERIES [47K, 47Y/90D, 47Y, 47L, 47N, 47C, 47P] or 49, 49M, 49M/250, 49A, 49N.
There is no other short cut. Even if a shorter route is possible, then frequency of buses is very less.
Abhishek (Bhubaneswar)

sathi said...

hi can u tell me how to go from kphb to gandhinagar near lower tank bund

PowerShower said...

This site has all bus nos & routes along with it. Therz an option to see veera & metro nos,routes too. Check it out..
To be on safe side, always confirm before boarding.

Walton said...

Please Help!

I would like to have a trip to Nehru zoo from Kondapur by bus. Can any one help me to find the route and bus numbers with timing?

Atidevin said...


Hi! From kphb take any bus towards Ameerpet and get down there.At ameerpet catch 113Y.It goes directly to Gandhinagar..113Y from Yousufguda..

ovamsikrishna said...

which bus can I board to go from lingampalli mmts to gachibowli stadium? what is the freq of buses in this route if there are any? I know that share autos are available in this route. Plz share only the bus info.

Atidevin said...


Well from gachibowli stadium u dont have buses directly to the mmts station,but they do stop on the main road( frm there u need to walk till the station).Plenty of buses, no issue on that.

Blogger said...

Thanks Atidevin
For your valued comment. Appreciate it a lot.


shobha said...

hai abhishek(bhubaneswar) thank you very much for your reply. And i came to know another route i.e

From santoshnagar to koti Women's coleege.
From there all 45 number buses go to begumpet.

thank you abhishek

Pranav said...

How to reach ICFAI college in Dontanapalli from Gachibowli. TIA

myth said...

what is the bus number from dilsukhnagar to isb ampus .If there is no direct service which bus routes do you suggest

Atidevin said...


Take 217A/D frm dilsukhnagar and get down at IIIT stop.From there you'll get sharing autos to ISB.

Shajith said...


Play Boy said...

can you please tell me how can I go to masab tank from sr nagar.. tell me the sequence of buses i should catch .. and also where should I be getting down please its urgent for me

santiv said...

Hi! Can anybody help me out with the bus route and numbers from Kukapally-miyapur to Kondapur X roads

Blogger said...

Hi Shajit

patny - Secunderabad - Musheerabad - Narayanguda -YMCA - W.College - Chaderghat

Blogger said...



Esi - SR nagar - Jubilee Hills, Road no 7 - Masab Tank

or try

SR Nagar - J. Hills, Road no 7 - Masab Tank

jonahjagadeshan said...

Can anyone please help me out I need to go to Jubilee hills high school, Road no.78 , Jubilee hills. Please can you tell me the bus i need to take from secunderabad please help.. lil urgent please help..
thank u in advance

Blogger said...

Hi Jonah


secunderabad - Begumpet - Panjagutta - Jubille Hills Checkpost

secunderabad - Begumpet - Panjagutta - Rd No 10

balaji said...

Hi friends,
this is very useful to all.Please i am staying pg at srinagar colony,i want to go to ameerpet busstop near my office regularly.today morning only i came from chennai.i dont have idea how can i go there by bus.I can catch the road SR nagar Hdfc atm.is an y bus available to ammerpet.plz tell me thanks in advance

cleleng said...


an anyone tell me the bus no's from tarnaka to prasad and from prasad to tarnaka.

THE ROOPAK said...


Roopa said...

Hi Blogger, thats really an appreciatable work done by you, thats really a perfect and genuine info. Thanks for the help you are doing for all Hyderabadi's who are unaware of LOCAL BUS NUMBERS.

I would like to know the Bus number from New Bowenpally ( Jaya Nagar ) - Banajara Hills ( near care hospital bus stop).

To & Fro bus numbers provided wil be highly appreciated.


Blogger said...

Hi Roopa

Thanks for your feedback.
Glad to know that people find the blog useful.

Will try to find out the bus route number you have asked for.


ju said...

hi blogger...

Please tell me hw can i go to Road Number 2.IT park. Gachibowli from uppal Bus stand.. Plz help me out .. i need to reach der by 10 am on 14th april

ma number is 8099619167

Blogger said...

Hi Ju

Bus number 141G plies between Gachibowli and Uppal.


ju said...

Thanks alot....
ur work is really appreciative

Roopa said...

hi blogger, this is roopa again --- please let me know the Bus number for ---

New Bowenpally(Jaya Nagar) to Banjara Hills(Care Hospital)/Mehdipatnam ---- To and Fro.

please help me out yaar.

Blogger said...

Hi Roopa

Sorry I couldnt find any info about direct buses

You could travel to Sec'bad from Bowenpally by 17H or any 31 series bus or by 131S/29

From Secunderaad to Banjara Hlls you can take 49J or 49L

Hope this helps


Roopa said...

Hi blogger, thanks -- please check below.

Bus Number: 250/40M


I got this info from (http://www.hyderabadcityinfo.com/city-bus.html) website.

just let me know, is this info provided is correct or not. If this is correct then i find an easy way 2 hav To & Fro travel dead easy, also cosumes very low time.

please check it once.

Sr SEM Specialist

Blogger said...

Hi Roopa

Checked the route number
There is a bus with the number 250/49M and not 250/40M

The route looks fine.
But am not sure if it is still operational.
Best way to check if it still operates it to verify at the bus stop.

Thanks for sharing the info with us


ranga said...


Can any one tell me how to reach Begumbazaar from Madhapur ? also from Jubilee Hills , Ameerpet ?


yrc said...

please tell me suitable buses to go to fiitjee school at AOC centre(west marredplally)from ECIL cross roads.

yrc said...

please tell suitable buses to go to fiitjee school at AOC (west marredpally) from ECIL cross roads

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