Alleygator - Bowling Alley

Alleygator is one of the liveliest and snazziest games parlor in town. Situated in the cellar of the plush Navketan building, Alleygator is a one-stop hangout for all the indoor games' buffs.

The place boasts of
- a bowling alley
- snooker tables
- video games parlour
- a cool cafeteria
- a big screen for screening sporting events


Navketan Complex
SD Road, Secunderabad

Phone: 040-26315000

Please find the updated Phone Number inthe comments below. Thanks to a reader for posting the new number.


Anonymous said...

The phone number used to be 631 5000 and when all Hyderabad / Secunderabad phone numbers were changed from 7 digits to 8 digits it did NOT become 2631 5000 ... it changed to 6631 5000 ... Tata numbers got a 6 right in front, BSNL numbers got a 2 while Reliance numbers got a 3 ...

Blogger said...

Thank you Anonymous for the updated phone number.

Appreciate it.