Salar Jung Museum

The Salar Jung Museum is located on the banks of the Musi river. It is the third largest museum in India and boasts of having one of the largest one-man collections of antiques in the world. This museum was set up by Mir Yusuf Ali Khan, popularly
known as Salar Jung III, the prime minister of the erstwhile Nizam of Hyderabad. He was passionate about collecting art objects, manuscripts etc from all around the world. His collection includes

Priceless sculptures and paintings
Flower Vases
Antique Furniture
Rare Manuscripts
Persian Carpets
Jeweled Daggers and Swords
Varieties of Koran
Utensils and
Royal Costumes

to name a few. The museum also houses an impressive collection of European and Indian paintings.

One of the most popular items on display is the 'Veiled Rebecca',a white marble sculpture with a veil whick looks absolutely life like.

Another popular attraction is the 100 year-old cuckoo clock, which is still in a working condition. Every hour as the clock strikes a bird comes out of the clock.

The museum is open from 10:00 to 17:00 (except on Fridays).

Salarjung Museum
Salarjung Marg,
Hyderabad - 500002
Phone: 040-2457643

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