Commando Kennels

Commando Kennels is the brain child of Mr M. P. Butt, a qualified engineer with a passion for dog training. A member of the German Shepherd Club of Germany, he learnt dog training in Germany. That is when he realised the potential of providing well trained dogs in India. He started Commando Kennels in 1985 as a small dog training and breeding unit.

Services offered at Commando Kennels
1. Dog Training
2. DOg Boarding
3. Patrolling Dogs, Search Dogs
4. Dog Show Training
5. Assistance Dogs


Commando Farms

Phone: 8418-320730
Mobile : +91-9391604866,9394022802

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Jeremy said...

i lodged my dog at commando kennels in may for 4 days as we were traveling. After returning and receiving my dog from the kennel, i found that my dog was infested with fleas and ticks. We tried all remedies to cure my dog but the ticks still keep coming back. Now we found few ticks crawling around my house too. I wish commando kennels had provided a hygienic boarding environment.