Rainbow Childrens' Hospital

Rainbow Children's Hospital was established on children's day in 1999.

Out Patient Services:

1. General Outpatient Clinic
2. High Risk neonatal follow up
3. High Risk pediatric follow up
4. Asthma Clinic
5. Growth and development Clinic
6. Nutrition and TPN service
7. Pediatric Dentistry
8. Pediatric ENT
9. Pediatric Eye Clinic

In Patient Services:

3. Pediatric Gastro enterology
4. Pediatric Nephrology
5. Pediatric hemato-Oncology
6. Pediatric Neurology
7. Pediatric Cardiology
8. Pediatric Surgery

Hospital Address

Rainbow Childrens Hospital
22, Road No - 4, (old road no-10),
Karvy Lanes, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad - 500 034
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
Phone: +91-40-23319061-64,23397699

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janardhan said...

Rainbow childern's hospital is the worst childerns hospital ever seen in hyderabad and secunderabad

there is no proper reponce from the staff except the doctors(i think the doctors understand the problem of the patinents) not the nursing staff & other non Nursing Staff.....

if you ask for any help the responce is very much slow that they take there own time and inspite of several request, they responce............it looked like a governament Hospital to me when i had taken my baby for treatment......and the charges of the medicine is too high which you can get at very cheaper rates in the outer market....they has there own medical shop and the patients have to go there only due to they give there own indents.....so the patient were forced to take the medicine from there medical shop..

so, this is what i had experienced in the Rainbow Hospital, VasaviNagar, Karkarna...i dont know what the pricipal hospital in Banjarahills story..............

so, i request you all the people who read this blog and who stay near the surrounding of the Karkana.......dont take your childerns for treatement in this Hospital.............
where it is worse Hospitality.......and pleade to one and everyone who reguraly see this blog....... if we can file a suite against this hospital for exploiting the patient please reply me through this blog

Blogger said...

Thank you for posting your experiences Janardhan. It will help the other readers. All are requested to post in their experiences whether good or bad so that fellow readers can make an informed decision.

Thank you.

Srinivas Reddy said...

Recently my son got sick because of bronchitis and wife took hime to Rainbow hospital in Banjara Hills. And then our nightmare started. The staff including the doctors are aggressive and will convince you to join as an inpatient even for minor ailments. They won't give you any details of cost you might incur for any services or the rental charge for the room. They will make you pay some advance the moment you arrive in the hospital. After that you are on your own. No body will come to your help. For every small thing you have to fight with the staff. We ended up paying around Rs 5000.00 just for a half a day stay in the hospital (inclusive of IV supply, about two shots of Anti-biotics). I would strongly reccomend to stay away from this hospital

Blogger said...

Thank you Srinivas for your feedback. Much appreciated. PLease post your experiences for other services too.

Anonymous said...

I had delivered my baby in Rainbow Children's Hospital in 2007, May 13.

I was given good care and strong support by the doctors. I had delivered normally inspite of the complications at the time of delivery. Had it been any other hospital they would have done Caesarian to me.

I heartfully thank all the doctors, sisters, ayammas each and everyone for taking good care of me. Keep up the good work RAINBOW!!

Britney Spears said...

Can anybody let me know the amount being charged by Rainbow & similar hospitals for a normal & Caesarian delivery.

Personal Helper said...

I'm taking my wife to Rainbow since we confirmed the pregnancy.. the general consultation fee for gynic OP is 300+100(first time) then every consultation its 300/-

We are seeing Dr. Varalaxmi who is just outstanding.. she is a very good doc. However, we are forced to change her because of the so called "Financial Counseling" they have given me.

My wife is 5th month preg. now, the hospital staff in a written document have given me a quote @ which you will definitely laugh out louder... For a normal delivery, if you choose a sharing room package, it cost you around 55,000 to 60,000 in which 4,500 worth medicines will be given. (extra medicines should be purchased-they say extra med may not be required.. but the fact is dif.)

Find costs below

Normal Delivery - sharing room : 60,000

Normal Delivery Single room: 65,000

Normal Delivery Delux room 1lakh & super delux is around 1.3lakh.

For every above type rooms, if its an operation delivery, add 10k, 15k, 30k respectively.

A bumper offer is that, if we ask them for a planned deliver time, 5000 to 10000 extra.

So, after this counseling we decided to go to other hospital in which even more experienced doc's and staff are available... and you know what, the new hospital people said it would cost between 25-40k depending on what kind of delivery it is.. max would be 40k in delux room...

So, the bottom line is, if you have too much of black money or you have too much of itching of spending money just because they want it, or any corporate insurance coverage, you may go to Rainbow.. if not, stay out of it... There are many best hospitals in hyderabad...

PS: @ above post : I deny it as in my friends case, they said my friend will die if not done operation.. but when my friend denied to join in Rainbow, we took her to kaminani hospital in which after 8 hours, she had a normal delivery..

Surender Dharavath said...

Thank you for posting it is very helpful for readers.

My wife is 7th month preg. Treatment taking our local doctor's. She scaned when my wife is 6th month and told baby got water in Head.

we ask to the doctor's what's needs to be take precautions, she saying we can't do anything she would not confident to give treatment.

so one day search all hospital in sec-bad and hyderabad we reached to after post lunch. we visit around 15 hostpitals no one doctors available.

finaly we got doctor in sun shine hospital. she also postponed one day called next day to take scan and told. we can't do any thing after dalevery we start the
treatment so you will come at 8th month and written lot of medicine their shops only , that medicines got allergey.

could you please suggest me which is hospital is best in sec-bad and Hyderabad for baby treatment and sargery.