Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation an Exclusive vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian Restaurant is drawn from Mediterranean, American, Oriental and Asian origin.

Barbeuqe Nation brings the concept of a live grill to India for the first time. An International Concept, the restaurant offers an option wherin customers can make their food on their personal grills, which are embedded in each table.

The restaurant offer five vegetarian and non-vegetarian barbecue starters in unlimited helpings, a main course buffet, soups, salads, desserts and a great variety of liquors.

Barbeque Nation
6-3-249/5/1, ANR Centre
Ground Floor, Road No. 1
Banjara Hills, Hyderbad

Phone : +91-40-64566692/93


Anonymous said...

You copied this text entirely from the Barbeque Nation official website, didnt you???!!!

Blogger said...

Yes - the entire content is from Barbeque nations website. If you look at the Home section on the right side of the blog you will see the disclaimer - "All the information has been sourced from the Internet unless specified otherwise."

I make it very clear that all the information on the blog is from the internet. I have just taken the pain to gather everything and put it together for users like you.