Learner's License Hyderabad

How to obtain a Learner's Licence in Hyderabad?

Applicant for a Learner's Licence should appear personally before the Licensing Authority with the following:

* Application Form II (available with the department)
* Fees of Rs. 15/- for each class of vehicle
* Proof of age
* Proof of residence
* Medical Certificate in form 1A wherever applicable. An application for a medical certificate(Form - IA) shall contain a declaration in Form - 1 (Telugu Version Page-1 Page-2 Page-3 )
* 3 recent passport size photographs of the applicant.
* Applicants for Transport Vehicle Licence must produce a Permanent Driving Licence for Light Motor Vehicle held by him at least for one year, medical certificate in form 1A and he should attain the age of 20 years.

Applicants for Learner's Licence shall pass a test regarding basic traffic signs and driver's responsibilities.

The Learner's Licence so issued is valid for a period of six months from the date of issue and is renewable for another period of six months, during its validity.

Regional Transport Officers


Sanjay said...

The RTA is not accepting Form II unless a booking has been made online. The applicant needs to first book a slot to meet the RTA..and then go to the RTA with the required documents. The online booking process is not transparent. The APtranport.org website does not function and I had to use the services of an agent to make the slot booking (Rs 30 is the fee). The slot is booked on a website that does not seem accessible to general public. The address seen at the bottom of the page once your agent does the online slot booking is http://cfst.co.in/cfstonline/LL/OnlineLLRform2print.aspx!!

ritesh said...

RTA has introduced the new online slot booking system,this is certainly to avoid bribery and exploitation by the corrupt officials.why wait in queues and book slot when you can book your slot online or at any eseva centre and pay as much is prescribed.the new online system can be easily accessible.
just visit the website http://cfst.co.in/cfstonline/LL/TestCenter.aspxe or aptransport.org

Vikram said...

the site is


Jannu said...

Is there a particular time when the slots be open for booking?