Goonj - NGO in Hyderabad - Donate Clothes, Books, Household items

GOONJ.. a voice an effort

“ Making clothing a matter of concern..”
A unique resource mobilization initiative providing clothes and other basic amenities to millions in the far-flung villages by turning one’s wastage into a resource for another. Initiated in 1998 with just 67 clothes, Goonj now sends out over 20,000 kgs of material every month. A force of over 300 volunteers, GOONJ is implementing its various initiatives through over 150 grassroot organisations, panchayats, Ashoka fellows & social activists in parts of 20 states of the country. GOONJ has recently been awarded the 'Indian NGO of the year' award for its governance and practices.


'VASTRA-DAAN’- a nationwide movement..
They are working towards making clothing a matter of concern like the other two basic needs. As an issue it’s only highlighted during disasters though most of India doesn’t need a disaster to be helped. VASTRA-DAAN channelises vital resources lying underutilized in urban households, to rural India. The effort goes beyond the realm of ‘charity’ and plays a crucial role in the development process.

‘CLOTH FOR WORK‘- Old clothes as wages for village development
Villagers get clothes for working for the betterment of their own village-means clothes not as charity but as an earning. In the remote villages of Assam, Bihar, West Bengal, Kashmir & Maharashtra, many village roads are being repaired, school boundary walls are coming up and cleanliness/plantation drives are being initiated.

‘SCHOOL to SCHOOL’ (S2S) –Winner of Changemakers Innovation Award
S2S supports thousands of rural and slum schools by turning the wastage of urban school children into a resource for them. The idea is to sensitise urban students and their parents about the needs of their less fortunate counterparts. S2S has impacted the life of thousands of children in the remote villages by utilizing material like old books, uniforms, shoes, school bags, etc. ‘Pratibimb’, our annual interface event brings together urban - rural children and teachers, from across the country.

'NOT JUST A PIECE OF CLOTH‘- Winner of World Bank’s DM Award
Countless women in villages use dirty, useless cloth during 5 days of menses, leading to many infections and diseases. A woman used a piece of blouse and died of tetanus due to the hook inside. GOONJ.. is providing clean cloth napkins to rural/slum women and is actively campaigning in rural & urban India to generate awareness on this taboo issue.

‘RAHAT‘– relief efforts for the disaster hit people
Known for its need-based and systematic relief work, GOONJ.. has been active in relief operations during all the major disasters since the Chamoli earthquake in 1999. The emphasis is on the most neglected disasters like people dying of cold in winters & annual floods in Assam, Bihar & West Bengal. GOONJ.. has won the prestigious Changemakers Award for this initiative.


* Buying our hand made products developed out of waste paper & cloth.
* Financially supporting their initiatives, joining GOONJ’s Team 600 & playing a key role in sustaining GOONJ.
* Sponsoring school kit which includes sitting mats, school bag, skipping ropes, balls, tents & notebooks made of waste cloth /paper for rural & slum schools.
* Spreading awareness among your friends, corporates, schools, and colleges across India & abroad.
* Committing clothes, woolens, footwear, bed sheets, blankets, utensils, toys, school items and storybooks etc.
* Committing your old newspapers, one side used paper, books and magazines.
* Organizing a collection drive in your residential area or workplace.
* Providing office equipments like computer, printer, photocopy machine, fax machine etc.
* Hosting GOONJ photo exhibitions.
* Giving them your export surplus.
* Prominently placing permanent GOONJ collection/ donation boxes in your premises.

Updated: 25 Aug 2014
Contact: Mr. Rupesh (9640433473, 9640500024)
Office Address: GOONJ..Hyderabad, R/O,2-64/58/59, Gulshan Nagar, Beside Florida International School, Back Side of Panjabi Rasoi Restaurant, Gachibowli Circle,  Gachibowli, Hyderabad -500032.


Saideep Annadatha said...

Its always good to be updates :)

9640433473 - Rupesh

rushitha reddy said...

Hi, I have too many old cloths to donate. Is there any pick up facity?

Blogger said...

Hi Rushitha,

Please call up on the numbers provided and check with Goonj. They will be able to answer your question.

Nalini patnala said...


Im Nalini,
I have old books to donate.Those are my engineering books.Is there any pick up?

Blogger said...

Hi Nalini,

You can contact Mr. Rupesh (9640433473, 9640500024) to check collection details.

Sidharth Nahata said...


I have too many old cloths to donate. Is there any pick up facility?


Blogger said...

Hi Sidharth, Please check the previous comment.

Prachee Singhania said...


I have clothes in very good condition and some kitchen stuff to donate. Can you please let me know if there is any pickup facility?

Lokanadham Lingineni said...

i am having old usable clothes. Is there is any pickup facility from HMT chintal where i am staying?

Vani said...

I have some old clothes to donate , is there any pickup from malkajgiri hyderabad?