Mercury Tours - Travels, Hyderabad

Mercury Travels Ltd is one of the most widely recognised and respected Indian companies in the area of travel, tourism and travel-related foreign exchange.

The primary focus is on providing reliable, personalized and professional services to customers with equal emphasis on product and process innovation.

Mercury Travels has a comprehensive portfolio of travel-related services that include Outbound Holidays, Indian Holidays, Foreign Exchange Services, Business Travel Management for Corporates, Managing Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events for corporates in India and overseas, & Travel Insurance services.

The company delivers outstanding travel services and has stood the test of time by constantly reinventing itself to meet changing customer needs and expectations.

The company was set up in 1948 as a subsidiary of the East Indian Hotels Ltd (EIH Ltd), which owns the Oberoi Group of Hotels & Resorts. It is currently a joint venture between the EIH Ltd and Mr. Ashwini Kakkar, a leading travel industry professional who has helped bring a paradigm shift in way travel services are promoted in India.


126, Jaya Mansion,
S. D. Road,
Paradise Circle,
Secunderbad 500 003.
Tel: +91 40 2781 9222/9333

PTB (Level D, 221) Arrivals,
GMR - Hyderabad International Airport Limited,
Shamshabad 501 218.
Tel + 91 40 6660 3703.
Open 24 hours, 365 days.

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