Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG), Hyderabad -

Asian Institute of Gastroenterology was established as a new concept of day care unit where major Endoscopic surgical procedures could be done on an outpatient basis without resorting to hospitalization.

Since then the institute has become one of the largest referral centers in Asia for Therapeutic Endoscopy.

It has the credit of doing the largest number of ERCP procedures in the world.

In addition to routine gastrointestinal procedures like
ERCP (Diagnostic & Therapeutic). It also does

Endoscopic Ultra Sonography,
Endoscopic Sewing,
Capsule Endoscopy and
E S W L (Extra corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy ).

Asian Institute of Gastroenterology is a 150 bedded hospital with state-of-the-art operation theatres to perform all major and minor surgeries related to Gastroenterology and Liver diseases.


Endoscopy - Diagnostic & Therapeutic
- Biopsy / Cytology
- Variceal Sclerotherepy
- Variceal Bandligation
- Glue Injection for Fundal Varices
- Hemostatic procedure for non-variceal bleeding, like
a. Injection sclerotheropy
b. Bandligation
c. Hemoclipping
d. Argon Plasma Coagulation
- Foreign body removal
- Stricture dilatation
- Polypectomy
- Mucosal resection

Colonoscopy including polypectomy, stricture dilatation, hemorrhoidal endotherapy,

APC for solitary Rectal Ulcers & Radiation Proctitis

Push Enteroscopy

Wireless video Capsule Endoscopy

ERCP: Biliary & Pancreatic
- Stone extraction
- Strictuve dilatation
- Pseudocyst drainage
- Ampullectomy

Endoscopic Ultrasonography, diagnostic and interventional
- Cancer staging
- Evaluation of Submucosal lesions, Pancreatic and Mediastinal diseases.
- EUS guided FNAC and Celiac Ganglion Neurolysis

ESWL for Pancreatic stones

pHmetry & Manometry (Esophageal and Ano-Rectal)

Lap Enteroscopy

Laparoscopic and Open GI Surgeries.

Diagnostic Laparoscopy

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis

Advanced Laparoscopic Procedure
- Gastrectomy
- Laparoscopic Splenectomy
- Management of Hepatic Hydatid
- Laparoscopic Assisted Pan Endo Surgery
- Laparoscopic Rt/Lt. Hemicolectomy
- Laparoscopic Pan Colectomy
- Laparoscopic Oesophageal Surgery
- Surgery for Achalasia Cardia

Oesophageal Surgeries for
- Corrosive Stricture
- Malignancy

- Radical Gastrectomy
- Total Gastrectomy

- Pan Colectomy with pouch procedure

Biliary Surgery
- Post op. Biliary stricture
- Choledochal cyst
- Cholangio Carcinoma

Pancreatic Surgery
- Necrosectomy
- Pancreato - Jejunostomy
- Whipple's resection
- Distal Pancreatatomy

- Liver Resection

Diagnostic Services
- State-of-the-art laboratory to perform all investigations
- Treadmill Test
- 2 D Colour Doppler

Radiology Department
- X ray (Routine and Special)
- Ultra sonography
a. Scrotum
b. Neck
c. Pregnancy
d. Breast
- Color Doppler
a. Lower limbs
b. Carotid Dopler
c. Pregnancy
- Spiral C T Scan



Dr D Nageshwar Reddy, MD, DM, FAMS, FRCP.,
Director & Chief of Gastroenterology & Therapeutic Endoscopy

Dr Manu Tandan, MD, DM.,
Consultant Gastroenterologist & Medical Director

Dr Sandeep Lakhtakia, MD, DM.,
Consultant Gastroenterologist,
Specialist in Hepatology, Endosonography & Therapeutic Endoscopy

Dr Rajesh Gupta, MD, DM.,
Consultant Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist

Dr Mohan Ramchandani, MD DM.,
Consultant Gastroenterologist

Dr Rupa Banerjee, MD.,
Consultant Physician,
Specialist in Hepatology & Infectious Diseases

Dr K Rakesh, MD.,
Consultant Physician,
Specialist in GI Motility & Intensive Care

Dr P Manohar Reddy, MD
Consultant Physician

Dr Ramakrishna, MBBS.,
Chief Resident


DR GV Rao, MS.,
Chief of GI & Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr R Pradeep, MS, Mch.,
Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist

Dr Upender Rao, MS.,
Consultant GI Surgeon

Dr Mahesh, G.Shetty, MS.,
Surgical Registrar

Dr Praveen. M Gogo, MS.,
Chief Resident


Dr M A Mateen, DMRD, DNB.,
Consultant Radiologist,
Specialist in Abdominal Ultrasonography

Dr V Gangadhar, MD
Consultant Radiologist

Dr Sunitha Lingareddy, DNB
Consultant Radiologist

Dr TLN Praveen, MD
Consultant Radiologist,
Specialist in Interventional Radiologist


Dr D Bhaskar Reddy, MD, FAMS
Chief of Laboratory Medicine

Dr C Ramjee, MD.,
Consultant Pathologist

Dr Anuradha, MD
Consultant Pathologist

Mrs Sridevi, MSc
Consultant, Laboratory Medicine


Dr Ram Papa Rao, MD.,
Consultant Anesthesiologist
Chief of Surgical Intensive Care

Dr D Santhosh, MD.,
Consultant Anesthesiologist

Dr S Jaya Prakash, MD
Consultant Anesthesiologist

Dr Khoob Chand, MD
Consultant Anesthesiologist

Dr Sunil T Pandya, MD
Consultant Anesthesiologist

Asian Institute of Gastroenterology

Ph: 91-40-2337-8888
Fax: 91-40-2332-4255


mohd said...

iam staying in abudhabi (U A E)i no about dr D nageshwar reddy from long time he had magic in his hand i no how many life he save daily iam the eyewitness i saw many people he cure if any budy read this message please refer to this hospital all detail are given below in the net may be by this way we can save some lifes.
ok bye

Rajesh said...

Useless hospital and staff, Please avoid at all costs. My relative was kept in ICU for prolonged time without proper feedback. He was later released but passed away in 2 days. This just shows how well they diagnose the patient and then to release him saying he was ok, just beats me.

raga said...

I say if u need health only and if u know any one either the management end or any doctor's working there then only go to that hospital..Then you can be secure..If u donot know anyone personally or do not hav any influence then please dont..They squeeze your money.
I went there thru some management refernce and were given good care and immediate attention. By God's grace got to see my frnd there as a doctor and he helped me in getting appropriate info from the surgeon.
Local doctors frightened that surgery is mandatory and he need to be operated or else he wil be lost etc etc..They really frightened us and he literally went into shock as he used to take outmost care about his health. We immediately ran to asian and they gave him lots of antibiotics and in the next day morning scan there was no infection. usually scan reports take some 3-4 hrs in asian.. But as we know some person we got the result in 15 mins..From then they told us that he will be kept in observation and started delaying the process like anything..He was fit and was not at all willing to stay there.. Entering into the hosital is easy but getting discharged from there depends on your bank balance...They threaten u if u say that you want to be discharged saying that you are kept in observation and if some thing happens to u later and all blah blah..Please make sure you hav a parlell refenece with other doctors atleast on phone regarding the reports and do not leave patient alone....

Doctos please do not threaten patients..If there is anything serious speak to the caretakers..Please provide moral strength to the patient..Just becoz of this incident my brother had to attend psychiatric treatment now..I beg you.Please dnt play with families.

Srini D said...

Hello Everyone,

I have admitted my Father in AIG, when he was in good condition. The duty doctor scared me that father might go into coma in few days and admitted into ICU. He was in ICU for many days, one night he was ok and spoken to me normally, next day early morning doctors said he was dead.

About Dr. Nageswar rao, this bugger is like a BABA, who can only available for Rich and Famous. He has not checked my father for a minute also. All doctors are intrested in, what job you do, do u have insurance, how much you can spend.


I can share many bitter experiences happened during my father hospitalization days.

This hospital is exactly like a Govt hospital in all ways, except in money, here you lose money also.

I could not even got death summary till now, after 20 days of my father's death.

This hospital is worst in below areas:
1. doctors caring
2. hospitality,
3. medicine amount taking compared to outside medical shops,
4. No personal attention to even critical patients, until they become close to death.
5. Lots of rush, and too much work load on staff.

Srinivas D

al mutairy from oman said...

every thing is good except touts -helpers and translators
teknical staff is highly professional
drs are good but the helpers and translators are real pain for arabs like me, they exhaust out the pockets every now and then, i spent nearly 100,000 more on my treatment because of these people.

Raghu said...

I was thinking about visiting AIG this month.. thank you for all your comments, i will be careful.

Chinni GJ said...

Asian Institue is a big HELL in the heart of HYDERABAD. I strongly recommend to stay away from it.

Asoketaru said...

I have been there for my mother. She went there for treatment of tumor in gallbladder. Once she started visiting this hospital, her condition became worse. Just with in two weeks she became very sick and finally I lost my mother. They sent her to ICU, but never said much about her condition to us. We could only talk to the so called doctors( actually they are technicians) for about 2 minutes in the morning and evening. Only one person could visit her personally for few minutes. Also, the doctors who speak with us are junior doctors who are reckless in answering our questions and just seem to be proud to be doctors and show off their pride in it. They dont have also knowledge about medical science so they preferred spiritual talk to the patient party.They never seemed to be caring about the patients they are treating and doesn’t look to have much experience either. Also, the doctors who speak with us keep changing. We didn’t understand who was treating my mother exactly. I am sure it was not those who spoke with us. The hospital seems to be seriously into business to make huge profits and not at all interested in saving lives .That hospital is like a death cell and I would recommend not to even step into that hospital ever if you want to live.

monti said...

Thanks everyone for your valuable comments.
i was about to admit my aunt here but after reading I'll be careful.

Thanks Again