Athidi Guest House, Hyderabad

The Athidi Guest House caters to the needs of Corporate Executives, NRI families and Tourists visiting Hyderabad.

It is located in a quite residential area in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

All the rooms are airconditioned with attached bathrooms. There are two beds in each room.

Care is taken to maintain the Guest House very neatly and to create a home-like atmosphere and comfort.


Athidhi Guest House
Valley View Apartments
Road No. 13A, Happy Valley
Off Road No. 13, Banjara Hills
Hyderabad 500034

Telephone +91-40-23312649
Mobile +91-9246544051


How to reach:

Located on Road No. 13A, Banjara Hils.
Take a left turn after State Bank of India on Road No. 1, Banjara Hills.
Enter Road No. 13. Oriental Bank of Commerce on the left.
Proceed upto "White House" Apartments.
Take a right turn into Road No. 13A, Happy Valley.
"Athidhi" is located in Valley View Apartments on Road No. 13A.

10 kms drive from Secunderabad Railway Station.
4 kms drive from Hyderabad Railway Staiton (Nampally).

1 comment:

Lusi said...

The landlady is crazy, she tries to charge you for anything extra she can. While for most NRIs it's not a huge expense, the way she practices business is unethical.

For example, she says breakfast is complementary, serves you fruit and juice without asking if you'd like it, and then charges you for it as "fruit and juice are extra." When complained about this and how many customers found the same problem, she put up a sign for 2 days but then took it down again.

She charges extra for water, gas (which apparently on a private connection is 700 Rs compared to the government listed 300 Rs).

The washing machine is not available for most guests, only one suite for the serviced apartment.

She instructs her housekeeping to turn off the electricity via the circuit breaker during the day, making the food in the fridge spoil since you don't know that they switch it off.

She is rude to her guests and yells at you when you tell her these things over the phone or email.