Dr. Rama's Institute for Fertility, Hyderabad

Dr. Rama's Institute for Fertility was established in the year 1991 in Hyderabad. In due course, they expanded the fertility services (Fertility Clinics) at four different cities in Andhra Pradesh.

The Primary Objective of the fertility institute is to offer affordable fertility services under one roof (Treatment of Fertility till Delivery).

The Institute has state of ART facilities
IUI - Donor / Husband,
Sperm retrival by MESA, PESA, TESA,
Laser assisted hatching,
Blastocyst culture,
Cumulus cell coculture sperm banking,
freezing, embryo / sperm / oocyte donation of sperm,
egg / embryo, surrogacy,
PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Ammiocentesis (Pre-natal genetic diagnosis)
Reproductive Surgery for chocolatecyst,
hydrosalpinx, edometriosis,
Fibroids, Varicocelectory,
Keyhole surgery,
Fetal reduction,
Non-surgical ectopic pregnancy management.

Some of the services offered

Infertility Services :

* Ovulation induction
* Super ovulation
* Tubal surgery
+ Tubal recanalization
+ Adhesion removal
* Male Surgery
+ Vasectomy reversal
+ Varicocele
* Uterine surgery
+ Fibroid removal
+ For endometriosis
+ Polyps
* Polyps removal
+ Cervical
+ Uterine

* Ultrasound guided cyst removal
* Fetal reduction

Post- conception Services

* Good antenatal care
* Circluage
* Full fledge operation theatre
* Post operative care

Dr. Rama's Institute for Fertility

6-3-788/33, Opp. Chandana Brothers,
Hyderabad - 16,

Phones: +91-040- 23401135, 23402294.
Email:ramafertility@yahoo.com, info@fertilityindia.com

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