Dr.Stephen R.Covey in Hyderabad on January 29th 2009

Dr. Stephen. R. Covey, Co-founder & Vice- Chairman of Franklin Covey International is again coming to India in January 2009 for a 3 city tour one of them being Hyderabad.

Dr.Covey will talk about:
• How Organizations can Achieve Business Results Through Great Execution
• How to Inspire Great Leaders and Managers
• How to Develop Great & Effective Teams
• How to Identify behaviors and activities that can truly “move the needle” in your organization to accomplish great results.
• How important is achieving greatness and whose job is it in your organization?

Hyderabad International Convention Center (HICC)
Near Hi-tech city,
Andhra Pradesh

Date: Thursday January 29, 2009 from 8:30am - 4:30pm

Please write to: venkat@franklincoveysouthasia.com or
Call at +91 99490 57706 for Registration

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