APSRTC Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station (MGBS) contact numbers in Hyderabad

Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station
Bus inquiry counter : 040-24614406, 24614408
Ticket reservation office: 040-24613955, 23434269

UPDATE on 24/09/2013


Ticket Reservation office: 040-23434269
Enquiry counter: 040-24614406
MSRTC Enquiry: 040-24612006
KSRTC Enquiry: 040-24656430 
ATM: 040-23434268


Tamil Home Recipes said...

Your blog is very useful.

Srinivas said...

Thanks for this number. Could not find this number anywhere else.

They work.

- Srinivas D.

ADITYA said...

thank you so much for the numbers,they have helped a lot.

Ramabrahmam Vattikuti said...

Thank you very much it's very useful

sudhakar kakunuri said...

I just enquired with them. These numbers are old.

Please update below numbers
ATM: 040-23434268
Ticket Reservation office: 040-23434269
Station manager Office: 23434263
inquiry counter: 040-12666
MSRTC Enquiry: 040-24612006
KSRTC Enquiry: 040-24656430

Blogger said...

Thank you, Sudhakar.

Siva Ramakrishna said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Blogger said...

Hi Ramakrishna, The Asst Traffic Mgr number has been removed.

Amarnadh Gedela said...

Is there parking place for bikes in MGBS. i want to Vijayawad by park my bike in mgbs.

Anantha Reddy said...

Hi please any body inform to concern officers regarding parking mafia at MGBS, they are taking double amount and behaving harshly. plz convey my message to concern office. thanks in adv

divya anveshitha said...

what is the use of those numbers? no one is picking the call....i dont no why the govt is paying salarys to them....