APSRTC Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station (MGBS) contact numbers in Hyderabad

Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station
Bus inquiry counter : 040-24614406, 24614408
Ticket reservation office: 040-24613955, 23434269

UPDATE on 24/09/2013


Ticket Reservation office: 040-23434269
Enquiry counter: 040-24614406
MSRTC Enquiry: 040-24612006
KSRTC Enquiry: 040-24656430 
ATM: 040-23434268


Tamil Home Recipes said...

Your blog is very useful.

Srinivas said...

Thanks for this number. Could not find this number anywhere else.

They work.

- Srinivas D.

ADITYA said...

thank you so much for the numbers,they have helped a lot.

Ramabrahmam Vattikuti said...

Thank you very much it's very useful

sudhakar kakunuri said...

I just enquired with them. These numbers are old.

Please update below numbers
ATM: 040-23434268
Ticket Reservation office: 040-23434269
Station manager Office: 23434263
inquiry counter: 040-12666
MSRTC Enquiry: 040-24612006
KSRTC Enquiry: 040-24656430

Blogger said...

Thank you, Sudhakar.

Siva Ramakrishna said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Blogger said...

Hi Ramakrishna, The Asst Traffic Mgr number has been removed.

Amarnadh Gedela said...

Is there parking place for bikes in MGBS. i want to Vijayawad by park my bike in mgbs.