Oxis - Advancing Oxidative Stress Technology

Oxis International is mainly known for its research and development of products that combat the harmful effects of oxidative stress. One of the major things to look out for from Oxis is their development of products that will deliver the benefits of ERGO - a naturally occuring amino acid antioxidant. ERGO will not only be an anti ageing product but also will help maintain the levels of Vit A, Vit C annd glutathione in the body.

Apart from ERGO; OXIS is also known for its anti-inflammatory and numerous therapeutic antioxidants which prevent the oxidative damage to vital molecules in the body when the production of free radicals exceeds the natural defense mechanism of the body.

OXIS is a penny stock and investors out there who are interested in learning more about OXIS can do so at the company website - http://www.oxis.com

OXIS is on twitter - so if you are active on twitter you can follow Oxis here Oxis on Twitter

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