Frames of Freedom - The world is mine

BlogAdda has come up with yet another interesting contest. It is called "Frames of Freedom" and it involves uploading pictures that depict your take on Freedom - freedom to live, freedom to enjoy life - Freedom as a whole.

Here is my take on Freedom

The bird soared high into the sky. "Finally, I made it! Am free and away from the human. The whole world is mine to explore."

This post is in association with the contest 'Frames of Freedom' organised by Blogadda.


Anshul Pandey said...

Eadles have always been one of my favrite birds. Haven't we all wished at some point of time to have an eyesight like that of eagle?

Nice pic and commendable job. Well done. Best of luck for the contest.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful shot.

Pratibha The Talent said...

really nice pic.

Hiyaa said...

Very clean! All the best!