The Safilguda Lake - Mini Tank Bund

The Safilguda Lake also known as Mini Tank Bund is a small lake in Safilguda. Its a popular destination for the local people for evening walks, early morning jogging, yoga sessions and laughter clubs.

HUDA had restored the highly polluted lake in early 2000s. After restoration and cleaning, the lake and its surroundings were clean for some time. However, as years have passed the lake is going back to its old condition.

At present, the lake and the park seem to be in a state of neglect. The water looks dirty and the stench is increasing every day. Though litter bins had been placed in many places, people still throw garbage around. Visitors come for a picnic and leave all the trash behind - either in the park or thrown into the lake water.

It would be good if HUDA made it a paid entry park and stationed security guys to look out for litterers and nuisance creators.

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