Bagskart - Worst online shopping experience ever

I wanted to share one of my worst online shopping experiences with you guys. Its about a site called -

On May 25th 2012 I had placed an order for 2 bags on Bagskart. When I received the products I was disappointed and shocked to see one with a piece of the handle missing and the other one dirty - looked like it had been used.

I emailed BagsKart on May 28th 2012 regarding this because they had claimed they will arrange for a courier back in case goods are damaged.

I got an email back from them saying they regret the inconvenience and  they have arranged a representative who would come to pick my order within 5-6 working days. I packed one of the bags which looked like a used one and kept it ready for the courier guy.

No one turned up to collect the bag and I emailed them again to which they replied on June 6th saying - Further to our previous emails regarding reverse pick up of the product from you , we regret to inform that its taking unusually long time to arrange the executive from our side. For now we humbly request you to kindly send the product back at our end to avoid further delays . Kindly email us the courier receipt on our email id so we can refund courier charges up to Rs 100.

I was already upset with the product and service so far, and as I was travelling at that time, I told they will have to pick it up as I cannot go and courier it. And they do say on their site that they will pick up the goods. They said Ok, we will arrange for a pickup

However even after 10 days no one turned up and I emailed Bagskart again on June 19th 2012.
On June 25th I got a reply to another of my email saying - We have been informed by the courier company that the pick will be done within 48 hours.Please revert us with a confirmation whether the pick up was done for the further proceedings.Please be assured we will surely do the needful.

No one turned up again and Bagskart never bothered to check with me. Its August now and Bagskart doesnt care if one customer is unhappy. They got their money and dont care at all.

I am tired and fed up of emailing them.
This has been one of my worst online shopping experiences ever.

I will NEVER EVER purchase anything from Bags Kart or its related sites again.

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