Online travel services make life so much easier

The hectic work life takes a toll on everyone. Coupled with the traffic problem our city faces, its no wonder that one is totally drained out at the end of the day. So, the best way to get one's groove back and recharge is to head off on a quick holiday. Just the thought of a holiday makes me feel so good. I have been looking for some quick getaways from Hyderabad.

There are some places I have zeroed in on. The first one is Goa. I have fond memories of time spent relaxing in Palolem and I would never tire of going back there.

The second option is Munnar. Had been there 2 years back. The lush green surroundings, the winding lanes, the numerous lakes, waterfalls, streams, reservoirs, forests and tea plantations - it has everything. Just a few days in Munnar are enough to re-energise a person.

And finally the third option is Ooty. There is lot to do in Ooty as well. One can visit the Botanical Garden, the Thread Garden, or go boating in the Ooty lake. And ofcourse shopping - for tea, essential oils and spices.

So, that sort of  narrows down the list of the place we will be heading to. We will now pick one of these. However, I really do not have the energy or time to sort out all the nitty gritties of holiday planning especially because currently I am tied neck-deep in work. So, I looked for some travel sites which offer cheap flights and take care of the booking as well. Travel and accomodation both taken care means, I have more time to plan other aspects of my travel. And thats where the internet comes into picture. A quick search and I came across Spicejet offering some really good travel deals. Instant bookings, varied payment options and good customer support made my life easier. We zeroed in on Goa for the current trip and now that all my travel bookings are in place, I am waiting to fly off on a well deserved holiday. These travel sites indeed make life much easier :)

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