Weekend Getaways Close To Hyderabad

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” is the adage that most of us are familiar with but only few of us who work in the corporate sector understand it completely. The work is strenuous and we need to break away at times to recharge ourselves to get back to the humdrum of regular life. Luckily, Hyderabad has a lot of places that suit the taste and sensibility of different kinds of people. These places can be toured over the weekend and within a limited budget.

Dig through the ruins of Hampi and Badami

If you love to nurture the explorer in you, you can ride off to Hampi. Situated in Karnataka, it is an estimated 6 to 7 hours drive away from Hyderabad. Here, you can witness the ruins of the Vijaynagar kingdom. The ruins have been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Anegondi, Anjeyanadri Hills and the Achyutaraya Temple are places that you shouldn’t miss out when you are visiting Hampi. Admirers of temple architecture should visit the Vittala Temple Complex that houses the chariot which serves as the emblem of the Tourism Department of Karnataka. The Virupaksha Temple should also be visited as it was the foundation of the Vijayanagar kingdom. This temple is dedicated to Shiva. This place is well-connected by rail and roadways. The intricate handiwork is sure to leave you spellbound.

If you have already visited Hampi, consider visiting Badami, which is also situated in the northern fringes of Karnataka. Yet another site rich in cultural heritage, Badami is named so because of color of the soil, which is red sandstone. The temple caves that were built in the time of the Badami Chalukyas increase the splendor of Badami. They are carved on the sides of a hill, just by the ravine. The hill is situated along the lake Agastya. On entry you will spot the cave walls that contain the Nataraja pose of Shiva carved on them. Carvings of other Hindu deities like the Mahishasurmardini can be seen here too. The Bhoothnath cave that faces the Agastya Lake is worth a visit and so is the Badami fort.

(Image Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Enjoy a Ferry ride through the highest stone masonry dam in the World

(Image Source: en.wikipedia.org)

You could also visit the Nagarjuna Sagar dam, which is built across the river Krishna. The dam diverts the water of the river to places like Guntur, Khammam etc. The dam is the highest stone masonry dam in the world. A lot of artifacts and monuments were discovered during the construction of the dam. These have been transported to a museum on the Nagarjuna hill which is now an island in the reservoir. Ferry services are available to this island.

You cannot possibly derive more pleasure from nature than watching a cascading waterfall. Ethipothala Falls is formed from the flowing waters of the Chandravanka River, a tributary of the river Krishna. This magnificent spot is located only 11kms from the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam.

An adventure enthusiast’s paradise!

If you are passionate about adventure, you can visit the Horsley Hills, which is an ideal spot for activities like zorbing, rappelling, trekking and hill climbing. It is one of the few places to offer zorbing in India. In order to try the sport, there should be a prior reservation of a party that is at least 20 in number. Trained instructors are present there to help you guide through these activities.For the less active people, Lake Gangotri and the Gaalibanda Environmental Park is the perfect place for relaxation. Incidentally, Horsely Hills is also the starting point for an adventure safari to Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary. You can drive to this hill resort from Hyderabad as it is situated only 521kms away from it.

Religion too finds place in nature’s lap in the form of the Shiva temple, 15 kms towards Madanapalle.

Off to the Exotic Beach

For a weekend away at the beach, a long drive of close to 10 hours will take you to the port city of Vishakhapatnam or Vizag. You can also take a train from Hyderabad to this place. There are many beaches in this city like the RK Mission beach, the lovely Rishikonda beach etc. Centers of Buddhism too abound this place. Pavurallakonda, Bavikonda etc. were Buddhist settlements some eons ago. Their fascinating statues and monuments are there for you to observe with admiration. You can also visit the serene Araku Valley, which is situated 112 kms away from Vizag. On the way, you will come by the intriguing Borra Caves which have become a hotspot for tourists, due to the miraculous formations of the stalactites and stalagmites.

The best thing is a trip to these places suits travelers with all kinds of budgets. So, be it your family, friends or even members of your corporate entity, the next weekend be off to the ideal spots near Hyderabad to enjoy, rejuvenate and bring with you a fresh lease of energy to get back to work again. 

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